Summer 2018


4th of July Bar B Que at my Residence.

July 7th Laguna Beach. We Got There before 9:oo AM-People Came Out That Knew and More Will Be Out There Again !!!

July 13th Friday Night-The Orange County Fair is This Weekend. I'm Going=Are You ?

July 14th 2018 We Will Be Back in Laguna Beach.

 We Will be there around 1:00 PM After Work,, 

{We Went but Couldn't Find Parking to Get In. Lots Were Full}

The 15th We Will Be There Around 8:00 AM Until 6 PM. {We Were}


July 21st 2018 Possibly Laguna Beach Unless I Work  That Day Then We Are Going to Huntington Beach.

July 22nd 2018 We Will Be at Laguna Beach.


July 13th 2018

FootNote= Everytime there is a Government in Transition The People Have to Get Back Up and Come Back Out. 

If You Went Down For It Then in the Transition You Can Get Back In and Recover Lost Benefit's.

No Matter What Age This is the Game !

Each Time To Get Back Up Until Your Down and Can't Get Back Out There Again,,

That's When Support As You Know It Ends and Changes to Benefit Others That Do Come Back Out !!!

This is a Hint Guys ,,,

The People That Created Groups to Support Said In The End When /they Go Down they Will Consume There Group by Rolling The Benefit's Over Back To Themselves,

Until They Are Down and Can't Roll Any More Back To Support Themselves.

It Was Just How The Deal Went.

Get Up and Go Around and Recover From It,,,

If They Switched Them On You and You Agree With The Change Don't Worry About It.