As The Years Passed


My 1965 4 Speed Impala

This Pretty Lady is Represented with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to come back as Governor.

The Garden Grove Manufacturing Plant I Worked In.

This was my Rafla and I had it for a Few Years Then Gave it Up to a Family Member so I could get Anither. a Caprice Classic. She Had Taken Then to the Movies and They Crashed Into Her. Jealsousy was Always Apart of Our Lives.

We Rolled BackThen, We Worked at Age 14 and by 15 this was my Rafla. Photo is Old , No License Police on Our Ass Everywher and in the School Parking Lot Ready to Do It All Over Again.

So Many Places in Orange County and LA-Whittier Blvd -Pico

1989 Chrysler New Yorker

1952 Chevito Truck

1964 Impala


Residence in Anaheim

My Pup at 2 Months Old

Game Night at the Angel's

I am 56.5 Years in Age and 50 % Chicano

My Hair is 5 to 6 inches from my Waist.  I have always Known Ladies in my Life that had Very Long Hair and Once Said When my Indusries Control Comes Back I Would Look Back to All of You I Once Knew and Met Through Residence, Employment and Career Also the Jail System.

I asked my Sons to Assist me Since they have been Put Together in my Absence to Assist. We Will Get These Ladies Represented and Have my Industry Support Them with Benefit's There Families Would Always Have.

The Valencia Caballero Familia

The Music The Rafla's The Homies, Ladies and the Parties