Chicken Enchilada's


"What makes these enchiladas so good? The key to the exceptional flavor  is the red sauce made from a delectable,  mixture featuring Spices, onion, tomatoes,  chiles,   You'll turn dinner into a fiesta when you serve this kickin' dish!"

Here's the Deal,
Basically there's Suck'dso
We Decided to make it Easy.
Buy Lawry's Enchilada Sauces Mix2-1/2 cups of Shredded Chicken or Beef2- 1/2 cups of Monterey Jack Shredded Cheese
8 - 12 Corn Tortilla's1/4 cup of Onion's1 Garlic Clove1 table spoon of Butter1 Can of Sliced Olives1 6 oz Can of Tomato Paste

Cook the Sauce as Directed on Package.Then cook Meat.
Are You Following Me Everyone ?
Then Cook chopped Clove of Garlic and Chopped Onion's in Butter.
Shred the Cheese if it Isn't,
Dip Tortilla's in Sauce and Remove Excess {If it's Hot Still Don't Burn Your Fingers !!}

Fill and Roll with Meat, Cheese, Olives and Onion's.
Put Remaining Sauce and Cheese on Top of Enchilada's.
Add Chopped Green Onion and Sour Cream if Desired.
There You Go,
Remember save 1/2 cup of Cheese and Some Sauce for the Top or They will Dry Out in Oven.
Cook 15-20 Minutes at 350 Degree's or Until Cheese is Melted inside and on Top.
{The  Meat can be Cooked and Shredded Easy-Chicken of Course and Beef Buy a  Chuck Roast Then Cook in a Pot for 3 Hours with 2 Cups of Water. It will  Automatically Shred but Remember don't Drain the Water until  Enchilada's are Ready to Prepare and Add 2 Beef Bullion Cubes to the  Water When Cooking.}

{There  are Cans of Shredded Beef but it's Expensive- 5 bucks a little Can. If  your in a Hurry and Can Afford This, Remember to Rinse off the Beef  Gravy First !!!}

Maybe Later I Will Show You Another Enchilada Recipe with Mexican Cheese.

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