A Dr. Oz Recommended Diet

I seen Dr. Oz in Trouble for Giving Us the Inside Information Where The Drug Administrartion Says Your Damaging There Business with All the Sales from Over The Counter Diet Pills.


If Your in Trouble For Telling Us I Got to Try It !!!

I used Dexitrim Before and What Ever was Simular but as Embarrassing as It Was Had Rosy Red Palm from It. 

Hey What's Wrong with Your Hand ?

Alergic to It and Inside was Red and Scabbed.

These are the Best Diet Pills I Ever Took.

Plant Root from Asia and India , not a Drug and You Can Eat and Watch It Come Off.

Last January if You Remember I got the Flu and Almost Died.

I was Thin but Afterwards Was Hungry, Lost My Job When The 2 Flu's Came and Pneumonia and I Ended Up with It All.

25 Pounds Off in Less Than 3 Weeks,

A Few Left to Lose But It's Coming Off and Without Starving and Working It to Prove Something.

Try Therm.

Trnsition Everything Changes and When They Look Back, Look Again or New Comes Around, Did You Get Represented and Supported for the Years Ahead ?

You Always Have to Remember That Government That was Around and It's Relationship to the Industry You Were Apart Of has Ended.


August 7th 2018