It's Time to Strip Down for the Game at Night-New Communities and Benefits !

618 North Pauline Street, Apt 5, Anaheim, California 92805, United States


MTV-MC Orange County Production's Inc.

Welcome to King MTV-MC Orange County Production's Inc.

The Years Ahead-Where Will We Go and What Will We Do ?

I Don't Know At This Time But I Will Try to Bring Back a Life in Representation.

There Were Places We Should Have Seen in Our Lives,

Places Others Went and Waited,

20 Years Down Until The Transition.

Now Success Could Be Around The Corner and I Want to Make The Best Of It While It Happens.

The Holiday Season We will Go to Palm Springs and See It bye The Tram that Runs Through the Mountains and Snow.

We Will Go Back Next Summer to Catalina Island.

After and it's a Long Shot but Within 1  t o 2 Years,

We Will Go to Mexico and Vist Cancun-Guadalajara-Acapulco Beach- Puerto Vallarta  {Which One I'm Not Sure}


We are Going to Try and Go To The Bahama's.

In the Winter it's Water is Warm and Clean on the Beach.

You Would Think it's Summer from What We are Told.

I Want to Find Out.

Then So Many Artist's and Celebrities Do Video's on Miami Beach-I Want to Go !

Also A Few of Our Companies have Migrated There,,,

Then There Is The Train Trip Though the US States.

Mostly Long Shot's and Cost's Exceeding My Ability Unless In Time I Achieve This,,,


The Right of Industry is Going to Be In a Few Places Others Have Been.

September 21st 2018