Hey This is a Foul in the Game !!!

Out for a Week because the Opposition Came ?

Let's Not Keep Everyone Down,,,


Daily Log-Stay True to the Game !

Month of May All Refused

Month of June All Refused

Month of July All Refused

{Night of July 21st to 22nd Anthony Salinas Tried Again for Tony Rackaukas to Get In and Get the Benefit's before the Election.  He didn't get in when he Died because He and Pete Rodriguez Brunt Down the Elementary School We Went To Wakeham Warriors Now WildCats. Anthony Salinas has Always been a Problem with Residence, Community, Neighborhood and Employment. His Wife did Whites Only and Hated on the Right of Industry as Soon as She Got In then Came Around Afterwards Expecting Me to Support.}

My Name is Running Against Mr. Rackaukus in a Run Off November 2018 and the Sheriff's are Having a Run Off Unless I'm Mistaken.

Orange County California.

Pete Rodriguez tried throughout the Beginning of Government and Music Transition whith Same Name to Obama and Lee Dump Jackie Parks brown Off His Relationship to Change the Environment and Keep The Industries Support Away from Us. No She's Your Responsibility and Your Relationship, 

July 23rd/24th Dr. Dre and Dirty Smelly Flies Hovering Over His Head, Gas Busting Richard Mugica 3rd Came and Thrown Out. Dr. Dre was in on the Loss of Property, The Mugica's want the House Repayment to be Given to Then in a Sick Relationship to Richard the Queer. 

He is Another Queer to Look Out For and Solo Enterprise.

July 28th/29th 2018-Jackie Parks tried to Sneak in for the Pete and Anthony Salinas School Burn Down and Environment Change. {The Laguna Beach Day 28th 2018 Anthony Salinas Wife tried to send One in Her Image to Profile for Tony and Tina Relationship and Rapid  Manufacturing that Used Rakauckas and Sandra Hutchen's to Assist in there Theft's with Money Left for Employee's.-We Left to Other Side of Beach} The Dead Woman Mrs. Allen tried to Profile the Beach in Conspiracy Against the Right of Industry for Her Personal Gain. She Cries, Threaten's, Lies, Hates on Anyone She Can't Control. Badmouthing. 

Don't Allow Her In-She was not Given Permission to Contact You and Change Your Environment or Destroy It. You have the Right to Refuse or she will be Forced Back Up.

In November Vote for Todd Spitzer to End the Step Family Trying to Control and Industry and it's Right's through Tony Rackaukus in Same Name.

!st Week of May asked to Give Benefit's and Support to Community.

This was Done 2 Times Before and It Didn't Work Out.

Contact your State and Federal Government For Community Support.

It's There Responsibility and They have to Support the People.

It's There Job as an Elected Official

August 4th/5th 2018

Robert Henry Refused. {Your Weren't Apart of the Neighborhood Only Community and I Never Knew You. Your School's the Same but Different People and a Different Time.


August 8/18/18

On the Witches Number Mary Cuthbert . Her Jealousy and Attempt to Rip My Ass Off and Force Me Down where She Think's Se Will Be In Control of Government, Music S[ports and Low Rider.

Joe Ray Editor from Low Rider is will Change When My Government Comes Into My Name.

They Brought the Conspiracy Around to Try and Achieve Her Goal.

The 59 Impala Represented with Number and Name of Gutierrez and The Step Sister Cynthia Solis in Theft Born April 14th 1959.

The Song of Kanye West Overnite Celebrity was Used When Francisco Pichardo was Stealing the Access Number to the Modem that had Same Number.

They Brought Anthony Raukaukas Sargent He Used in Conspiracy Against Me Inside and The Pastor from the Church I Went Too.

Leonard Sims Named His Daughter from This Name in This Church.

They Brought Around An Image of Gilbert David Rodriguea as a Girl Named Lily to Represent Frank Campos Wife Lily and Same Name  in my Employment 

The Name is Also Michael Salinas Sister Who Tricked Mike Tyson into Going Down as a Rapist to Represent Him with 2 Charges over 1.

Eric Salinas at ALCON caused problems' BETWEEN oRANGE county AND LOS Angeles TO now see Eric GARCETTI pull Everyone Back.

Eric Salinas knew Michael Salinas was Dirty in The Neighborhood as an Informant and Shot The Younger Members to be Charged after 2 Governments Change and On Same Name.

The Step Sister that 'LOST CONTROL' Son is Anthony in the Anthony Raukaukas Representation.

The Valencia / Solis Family has Stolen and Conspired Throughout Tony Raukaukas Term as DA of Orange County, She Played an Illegal Position of Number 1 and Used It to Incarcerated Anyone and Everyone for the Money She Could Steal.

The Neighborhood Went Garbage of Race Over a Few that has Attention Then All had to Roll with them as If They Were,

No On Could Not Be in There Family of Sex Offenders, Drug Dealers and People That Were No Good !

The Valencia Caballero Familia haBeen in Contact Since Donald Trump Came into Office as The Largest Familia in Existence, We Have the Right of Industry and Control is Ours not There's.

We Are the Answer to the Problem Our Neighborhood Created and Caused.

We have Boys in Orange County Neighborhoods that are Different, It's Not 1 Neighborhood where the Same Problem Can be Created Again.

Echa Gutierrez and Daniel Cisneros Leyva have Planned to Rip Our Ass's Off with the Step Sister and Take Off Running. 

One is Here on a Visa and the Other hasn't Got Papers to Stay Here. Fake Documentation.

Money has been Stolen in Large Amounts', Vehicles and Property all to be Repaid.

The Benefit's for Support are Through the Right of Industry.

We have Very Buetiful Ladies with Long Hair that are With My Sons to Keep Them Supported as They will All Get Attention from the Upcoming Representation.

Rapid Manufacturing Hated On Them for No Reason but Jealousy from Old Ugly Weman.

The Witch is Known as a Jealous Hater and Her and Her Husband have the 'SEED OF PERVERSION'.

He came back and said it's the Opposite of Straight with Gay and Queer.

He Had My Car Stolen with Ted Allen and Others in the Neighborhood the 1965 Impala 4 Speed

Had Parts Stolen on my Chevito Truck on Same Name 'DAVID',

Benefit's Denied to Everyone on 8/18/18 and 8/19/18.

The Family with AIDS in the Neighborhood has Waited for the Government Loan  to be Rehabilitated after Default Where There In-laws stole 18,000 and Applied it in Interest to the Account.

It had a Veriable Rate and They had Called Up with Defamation of Character as They are Doing Now to My Employment and Creditor's to Achieve the Big Rip Off Again but This Time for 26,000 Dollars.

The Loan Does Not Have a Variable Rate This Time and We Told Them in The Rehabilitation Process What had Happened.

My New Loan Paid Off the Previous Loan and Payment Differment is Always an Option if Unemployed.

The Rodriguez Family with Loss of Sheriff's in Command and Tony Raukaukus as tep Family DA in Conspiracy and Theft.

Gilbert Rodriguez KILLED and went to Prison and Hid In Church to Come Out and Preach.


Then his Nasty Sister Platonic Paula Comes Around to Ask for Platonic Lame Relationship's Only in the Game and With the Attention, Mike Pay My Child Support, Mike Pay Our Home Renovation Government Loan for Us !

Bitch Get Steppin, Bounce or However You Say It but Get Lost Fool, I Don't Owe Yu Anything !

And Shove you Platonic Relationship's Up You Ass !



*Bad Attention at Nite to Support There Conspiracy*

Miguel Hernandez Aguilar

Don Lee Valencia

Images of the Almazan’s

Jackie Parks Brown






August 21st/22nd

Rapid and Raukaukus

Tina Hernandez/Salinas and Rafaela Rizzo Vasquez {Image of Rae}

Tina’s Game is Profiling Against Heritage and Family.

Rapid’s Game is to Beg to Be Poverty Stricken and Want Other’s to Come and Be the Same. {This Way They Can Steal All the Money in Management and Shove It in there Pocket’s and Did ! }

Always Trying Psychology on the People They Steal From.

Now They are All Crying Wanting After Badmouthing Me for 6 Months to Come Back so They can Get There Jobs Back-Ya, by Stealing My Money, Property and Support.

Never Again !

Theft, Hate, Threat’s, Credit Destruction, Assault’s, Financial Ruin with a Smile ?

Take This as It is Meant- GO FUCK YOURSELVES !

The Lame Ass Woman Salinas in Inspection Wanted to Be in a Protected Environment She was Accustom Too, You Are and Going No Where !


August 25th/26th 2018

Michael Salinas and Friends-Refused

{He's the Holiday Snitch  After Your Job  and Support for Eric Salinas at Alcon.)

I Turned On the Wireless on my Modem and In the Middle of the Night The Environment Changed. I Look Over and The Modem Wireless Light's are Flashing and Someone is Trafficking My Line. 

Oh Hell No !!!

Not Again,

Everyone Refused.

Part 2

August 31st / September 1st 2018

Mostly a Bad Night.

Environment Taken to Roll Back to a Previous Government and Control.

Oh Hell No !!!.

All Condition's have been Met for Control to Return and Continue Where I Left Off. 

All Refused.

September 1ST/2ND 2018

There was a Game to Roll Control Back and I Refused To Give It Up. Because it was a Saturday Night I had to Refuse Everyone.

Eric Salinas was One that had to Be Refused. He Still Thinks he can Take My Control of Industry Away. He Caused the Lines to Be Drawn where Everyone Has To Go Back

It's Not Yours and I Want That Clear !

You Stole from Me and I have a Right to Be Repaid,,,

September 3rd 2018

Michael Salinas Tries to Disguise Himself to Get In for Benefit's.

There is a Conspiracy Posted Front Page with His Attempt.

This is Michael Jackson's Funeral or Burial Day since They put it on my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan Destroyed in a Collision and all of England Represented with It.

Mike Pence comes from Indiana where Owner wants the Money.

September 8th/9th 2018

Richard Sabala Came in the Afternoon-Images of David Mugica , Jeri
Cox and Anna His Sister for Solo Enterprise, The Mangat's Where She Sold Me to them and Anna Street Where The Vato' From Across the Street Wanted to Roll for my Repayment-Wanted My 1965 Impala to be Given to Him Instead,,,.- Mrs. Allen tried to Sexually Assault Me for the Industry Control After Throwing Serena Williams Game with Coaching as She Does in my Employment for Others Against Me.

Too Many That are Not Apart of my Family and Friends Came-All Refused 

{Except The Valencia Caballeo Baseball Game Insie We Were Going to Have at the Park Here in Anaheim-Benefit's to Them Always and Number 1 Priority Over Everyone Else with the Very Pretty Ladies We Have with Long Hair to Roll With}

Celebrities have been Getting Around to Know My Familia, Soon Them and New One's will be in the Industry to Represent Us with the Right's to the Industry and Control through Myself. The Upcoming Government will Rep with Us.

{We Will Not in Any Way Support the One's Previously that Tried to Incarcerate or Destroy Us}

September 9th 2018

Robert Sabotoge Saludes and the Luna/Cox Families Refused

Some are Images and Show's There Incompetence , They Try to Use for Benefit's and in there Circles.

It's Not Real and I Want That Clear !

Blocking Benefit's after Gabage of Race Family Harasses



Sally Valencia Died like Her Mother Losing Her Sanity in a Hospital.

This can be Verified.

Because They Found a Way Around the Physiatrist’s with Denial and Refusal to See Him they got to come Back.

The Step Family live in a Very Low Class Environment and Wanted it to be the Lowest Class Family Anyone could Find and They would Include Everyone This Way.

They would have Sex with There Dead Mother Since She Came Back and Assault You and Isolate You Like Animals for There Sexual Consumption.

They are Perverted., Immoral and into Prostitution and White Slavery, Human Trafficking.

I Caught Them Inside Threatening Kids through there Grand Parents Torturing Kids in there Sleep with Kids Screaming and Crying.

The Mc Martin Pre School Torturing Kids was There Idea and Game to Get Kids to Obey them over There Parents.

Don Lee Valencia Telling Kids to Touch a Hot Light Bulb and Burn Them Since His Prostitute Wife Barbara has Kidnapped Kids for Money.

Don Lee Valencia is Queer and I Refuse to Be Related or Associated to Any Of These People.

They are Addict’s Wanting to Run the County and Music to Turn Everyone In in my Life to Continue Don Lee Valencia’s and All of There Hate and Sexual Consumption

People are Being Sent by the Garbage of Race Step Family to Harass and Too Low Class .while Consuming a Spiritual Body in my Image to sustain Themselves.

Don Lee Valencia was Screwing His Dead Mother,,

Sick Diseased People Wanting Control over your Residence and Employment, Family and Friends with Incarceration and Extortion as Part of There Game.

September 12th to 31st All Refused

October 1st to 31st All Refused

November 1st to Election Day All Refused.


Noted Dates in Refusal for Night Environment and Length of Time in the Dream to Force there Way In-Refused

September 14th 2018

Ted Allen-Cynthia Lee Valencia Solis and Steve Ochoa with a Game to Support Rapid Manufacturing and Solo Enterprise in Conspiracy.

NO !

September 14th / 15th 2018

The Baker Family with Dead Mother Older Sisters and Tedi Ann Baker Allen-The Problem and White Trash.



Diane Bilo and Mike Jetmore.

Mike Hung Out with Jose Angel Luna 3rd and Left.

Devon Ducharme from Solo Enterprise.



Jorge or George Miranda after Catalina Trip Refused.

9/16-9/17 2018

Barack Obama Casing a Horse felling Small in His Game-He was Friends with the Male Prostitute that Tried Again at Night to Switch and Dump Off His Profile through my Employment,.

The Horse Represents George Miranda

All Refused.

September 17th to 18th 2018

All Night Images of People from the First Neighborhood-But The Ones that were Focus Points in the Last Group are What The Dead People Mr. and Mrs. Allen are Controlling the Night Over

Geri Cox-Jose Angel Luna-Richard Sabala and Robert Saludes-Jesse Ibarra and Tina his Sister.

Tina Rizzo-{Married - Hernandez Then  Salinas} Also Obama's Game with These along with Kobe Bryant and His Game. Both Wanting the Support to Return but Were Dirty in Career on the Right of Industry. Kobe has to Roll Over This Time With Support in Career. Kobe Pulled My Employment Down for the Representation to the Cox /Luna Family since the Mothers Name was Pamela Cox Bryant. Owner to Complex in There Circle and Now Support is Mine.

The Dead Cecil Delmar Allen is Out of Time-Trying to Bring Others from as long as 35 to 40 Years Ago. They have been Thrown Out Over and Over Again just Taking my Time Away from Others. Because He Came Back and Want's My Life and Right's to be Supportive to Another Time Frame I Don't Have Too Assist.

The Queer Male Prostitute has Tried Again to Dump His Profile Off

Frank Alonso Campos Tried Again to Come Around Since His Profile is the Same as the Male Prostitute Miguel Hernandez Aguilar

Ernesto Rodriguez Tried Again with Michael Munoz to Come Around,

Steve Ochoa that had the Sickest Profile and Switched before through the Step Family in there Hatred Tried To Come Around and Badmouth.

September 19th 2018

September 12th to 31st All Refused

October 1st to 31st All Refused

November 1st to Election Day All Refused.


All of the Dogg's The Orange County Sheriff's Put Out to Assist Employers are not where the Benefit's Come From. All of the Benefit's come from Me and the Right of Industry.

The Game was the Opposite and Since They Were Ripping My Ass off through the Step Family this was Created.

The Dogg's from this Last Group are Switching Places without the Right too to Stay Alive and Take Care of All You.

None Trust Worthy and Want to Come Around and Steal from You.

As Soon as They Get In They Start Pulling People Down lying to Them in the Game Until they get what they are After.

They have Each Pulled the Right of Industry Down to Switch Places for the Benefit's and Support to Then Assist the Companies They are In.

This was Switched for the Dogg's Game by the County of Orange Sheriff Sargent.

Don't Be Fooled,

We are Switching It Back to Support the People that the Right of Industry Supports.

We Don't Do the Opposite.

Note=All of You Destroying Quality in Blackmail Thinking You Found a Leprechaun with a POT OF GOLD and Won't Stop Unless I Give it to You isn't Going To Happen.

You Are Not Getting My Money, Furniture , Beach Cruiser, Car and Personal Belongings or my Residence for the Support that Comes To It !!!

September 19th 2018

Year 2007 The Dead Old Man Got In My Mind and  a Charge was Dumped Off to Bring Miguel Henandez Aguilar Around. 

A Dogg on the Inside Until He was Told to Go Out and Sell It. He Did.

Th Charge was a Prop 36 on His Number. Been Discharged and Removed.

Why is He Still Out Thee Ripping Everyone Off and Dumping His Profile to Get People to Go Down for It ?

Your Game is Over,

The Industry was Never Yours you just came around and Hung On to My Residence.

The Transition's Ends Thus For All of You.

The Male Prostitute ?

His Numbers are 3-6.

Opposite of Paul Jaramillo in the 63 Impala and Bar Incident that Family Left. The Luna Family Bought the 63 Impala on a Drug Deal.

The Name JOE in the Neighborhood and Solo Enterprise Catalina Island Took It Down.

We Went into JOE'S and Left.

If you Same Name to All Names with Dirt On Them-You Won't Associate to the Garbage of Race and Stay in Normal Society Group of Family and Friends.



September 19th 2018

Part 3

Last Week The Bewitched Show Came Around in Conspiracy with Solo Enterprise and Devon Who's Kid is Named Sam.

There were Other Tails to this Attention.

Last Night The Complex Owner Came Around Trying to Get In to Steal the Television for Frank Alonso Campos who Came the Night Before and was Refused.

This Television Represents in my Residence and Employment and Community Where They Play Stupid Trying to Take It All Down.


September 20th 2018

September 21st 2018

Anthony Salinas as a Black Man for Anthony Rakauckas and Previous Group Through Step Family-Refused.

Also Carlos Rodriguez and Jerry or Geraldo known as KELLY Luna-Refused

September 22nd

Rapid Manufacturing Tried to Roll In with there Human Resource Department and Switch The HR Reps to People That Don't Work There That I Know.

Rapid Manufacturing is Trying Again to Pull People Down and Rip Them Off.

Below and After Same Game with Daniel Leyva Same Initials and Same Name to Daniel Valencia that is not Ours and Has Always Assisted Them

Daniel's Number is 22.

Echa Gutierrez-Daniel Cisneros Leyva-Sandra Sanchez-Karissa and  All Refused

September 22nd at 3:45 PM

The Step Family tried to Dump Off Don Lee Valencia -This is there Game to Destroy Your Residence and Employment and To Pull You Down and Rip Your Ass Off.

September 22nd/23rd 2018

Diana Jaramillo, Kelly {Jerry/Geraldo } Luna, Michael Salinas, Daniel Leyva-Maggie West Possibly Image and Image of Tedi Ann Baker Allen-All Refused

September 24rd/24th 2018

Cynthia Solis has tried to Roll In-Not That Stupid Girl !!!

Yesterday Carlos Rodriguez Tried Again to Roll In His High School Buddy DOMBRADO'S Sister Debbie or Debra to Get Benefit's and Put Me In an ?Unwanted Relationship for BET Debra L. Lee.

Anither One Wanting to Roll In with there Image of 18 to 25 Years Old When She is an Ugly OLD WOMAN I Never Knew or Talked TOO in School,Life or ANYWHERE!!!


Looking like Tina Rizzo-Hernandez-Salinas to Get Inside Information and Roll In to Steal What You Have or Will Have Soon. 

{Game These Troll's Use-I Made the Deal -That's How You Got In and You Have to Give Me My Half ! }

After Ripping Your Bank Account Off.

Same Thing as Posted Below-All Refused

September 12th to 31st All Refused

October 1st to 31st All Refused

November 1st to Election Day All  Refused

The Images are not Real and Shouldn't Be Taken as If They Are.

This Show's Incompetence and Mental Illness in Imaginery Friends or Family from Childhood.

Grow Up and Realize There Incompetence and What is There and Will Be Your Downfall.