Todo lo que el mundo es quedarse en las calles. Q-No ?

Is It a Game Changer or Just The Game ?

Who is Your All Time Greatest Sports Hero ?

I Remember BO Jackson !!!

MLB/NFL Best Player Ever !!!

I Contacted Him and He Is Willing To Accept a Job From Us In Our Group.

I Contacted One of Mine Mr. Todd Spitzer to Assist Me with His Representing Once Again !

Bo Jackson Did The Un Believable with a Hip Replacement and Still Went Out and Played Ball !!!

Sports and Bo Jackson,

Soon He Will Be Back as Probably An Announcer or Any Position He Chooses as Far as I am Concerned.

Bo Knows !

Be Like Mike !

and Do The Right Thing.

Get Educated-Because A Beautiful Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste !



The Industry-Artist's & Entertainers,,, A Sign of the Times in Transition !

We Have Been Bringing Back Entertainers We Knew and Asking Them if They Want Our Support Once Again ?

We Brought a Very Beautiful Lady Around and She was in the Pasadena Parade as Grand Marshall2019. 'Chaka Khan'

Cool and The Gang Was in the Parade on The Floats.,

Salt and Peppa have anew Album Coming Out.

Loose Ends after 28 Years have a New Album Coming Out.

There Will Be More and More That Return.

We Hope En Vogue will Accept Our Offer and Return to There Career's In Music.

These Artist's and New One's We Have are Going To Enter The Industry to Represent.

Past-Present and Future,,,

Also Look For Blue in Representation,,,

Movies, Sports and Even The Vatican Nuns have Entered The Athletic Competition's.

What's Ahead ?

The Redemption Tour !!!

Get In On It !!!


January 2019.


Letters of Recommendation. 1st Letter of Recommendation was from Anaconda Ericsson at Age 20 for 2 Years Service.

EMT Corp LLC-2 (doc)


Michael Todd Valencia_Service Letter (1) (pdf)


A King with His Knight's

The Realm of My Existence. Past-Present-Future.