In Anaheim They  said they want to

See The Houses at the End Celebrate not to Rent to One's That Don't. {Police}

My House Always Has.

We Have People that Came Back and Spiritual Attacks are Happening on our Residences and Employment to Switch Them Out to One's Never Known to Celebrate.

They Will Have a Day of Judgement and Answer to It.

The Family Next Door ?

Unemployed for More Than 6 Months. We gave Support-Well It was the Rudest Response I have Ever Heard. Then he Made Demands-No We Refuse To Help.

Yah Doggie ! Good Times or The Nasty Nasty ?

Additional Information

The Last Group Rolled on Prostitution-We Don't However the Stereo Type is Still Out There From Anyone in there Group.

To 'TRICK You Into or Out Of Anything Like First of All the Benefit's from the Industry, Relationships You Can Profit From over Being Something To Them That Now Has Absolutely No Benefit Other Than to Take Your Support On There Way Down !

No Matter What The Changes are Happening Right Now, To Be Something To Me If You Can Would Bring Better Residence, Employment, Money and Benefit's.

You Can't Fall For An Employer Running This Game on There Employee's When You Don't Really Know There Situation.

I Don't Allow Resident Dogg's to Control My Employment but am Active in the Game Itself.

The Resident Dogg's are Getting Between the Rifght of Industry and Pulling It Down to Rip It Off,

I Refuse to Support Them and There Game Itself,,

Remember Anyone That Comes Running and Asks to Roll Over To Them Are Most Likely On There Way Down and Going To Sting You For Your Support Rolling It Over,,,

 If You Hear Spirit's and They are Supportive To Others Against My Support-Don't Trust Them-There Doing The Same or Have a Whole another Game There Going To Run On  You, The Jail System and Incarceration. !!!

We Have The DA and Benefit's They Have Don Barnes Weak in the Department. 

Probation Dept. Will Change and New Officers Will Represent Over There's That Continue to Screw Us.

This Means You and All Around You Can Be Care About Instead of the Dirty Deals of Employment Refusal to Incarcerate.

In 1997 They Pulled All The Employment Agencies Into There Circle and Refused Employment. Entrapment Followed.


Happy Holiday's ! 

November 2018

A Country in Representation ?

Government and the Industry

We Have Anaheim The First Letter in the Alphabet. 

We Have The Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer,

We Have The City of Los Angeles with LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva,

In Our Country,

There are 2 Cities That Control The Countries Direction with the Government and We Have One.

New York and Los Angeles are the Two Largest Cities in Our Country.

This Means We Have Control over All That Happens, All That is Done and All The Government Makes Decision's On Through Us.

Benefit's were Before Through The White House and Black Entertainment Television Since They Had Same Name with 'LEE' and LA had Lee Baca,,

Mr. Obama Switched Places with the Right of Industry in the Representation to have My Control and Everyone was Supported This Way.

That Deal Ended and All It Supported.

The Game to Get Control from the Step Family in Same Name Was Criminal on Me and I Paid The Price.

I Saw What had o Be Done,

As Long as there was a way around people would go around,,,

So I Got The Representation in Transition Back for Myself to Control All Involved.

Mike Pence Will Have to Bow Down for Us,

The Orange County Sheriff's Department Will Have To Support Us,

The Name Don got the Position but We Got All Control !!!

Hymm, Maybe They Should Have Paid Attention in Civic's Class in School,

Bush was my 1st Grade Educator,

Johnson was my 1st Grade Educator,

BET was in my Family Through Johnson but Rolled to the Step Family in Same Name.

Mrs. Lee has to do the Same  Soon to Come Back to Us.

There are Other Countries in Our Representation and They are Also in Transition.

It Isn't and Never Has Been Just Us.

Always Remember in Something Like This, People Will Lie and Deceive You, Tell You They Have Control and Take From You and Create Theft to Steal From You.

When Opportunity Knocks We Answer but Know Who We Are Talking Too,,


December 7TH 2018